26 April 2016

On Writing

I want to do more writing. Writing fiction. Writing nonfiction.

I want to write in my blog at least once a week! Do I have something good to write about? Is what I am writing, right now, worth publishing?

I want to write articles in Medium. That requires having ideas about things to write. I want to have ideas about things to write.

I want to finally get my blog on MRI physics and quantitative imaging going, after paying for a domain + hosting ( for over two years without using it for anything.

I wish I had done more writing. I wish that my travel blog (A Smeghead Abroad - clever name, now defunct) was a record of my wonderful life in the UK. My travels through Europe.

But I can't go back into the past and change that. All I can do is hopefully do something different in the future.

Or perhaps, even better, just make the most of the present. It's really the only time that any of us have.

Stay tuned for something exciting. Or maybe not.