16 July 2015

This is how time gets wasted.

Get an e-mail today from health service with less than a week’s notice that I’ve been scheduled to have a vaccine appointment next Wed at 9:15am. And if that time doesn’t work for me then I need to call/e-mail ASAP as that is the last date the clinic is open before the summer break.

Have a doctor’s appointment at 10:00a that same day, that I need to give a week’s notice (too late!) to cancel, or I’ll have to pay the £45 fee out-of-pocket, and is a 20+ bike ride away.

Rescheduling with health service is a pain, and usually results in me cycling all the way to campus and losing 2/3’s day of work time. Decide the best option is to just hire a car for the day for day so I can make all of my appointments. (I don’t own a car).

Go to Enterprise website. Pick out the car and day, decide the price is okay (£18), but realise I’m not logged in so I would have to fill out all of my details again. Logging in results in me getting kicked back to the front page so I have to re-enter everything again.

Try to pay with my new credit card. Not registered for Verified by Visa(TM), so when I get to the payment page it now makes me register. Have to dig up and fill in all my bank details, then think up a new password that I will be able to remember (because it doesn’t ask for the whole password each time, but instead random digits from it, password manager won’t work here). When I’m done with that, it kicks me back to Enterprise without actually authorising the transaction so I have to try again.

Try again, fails. Try again, fails. Try debit card number instead. This fails also, presumably because I’ve had too many failed attempts from the same IP address / website combination.

Total time spent: 30 minutes (plus another 5 writing up this rant). End result: had to e-mail a note to myself to try the whole exercise again later tonight when I’m at home, on a different IP.