30 July 2007

AAPM Convention

We just returned home from the AAPM (American Association of Physicists in Medicine) convention in Minneapolis, MN. We were there for a week. My dad and I went to learn more about what is going on in medical physics, and to help give me an idea of what kinds of things I want to study in graduate school. The convention consisted [of] lecture session[s] on related topics. Some were "review courses," while others were presentations of new research going on. Overall, I leared a lot and took some notes on interesting things I might want to look into in the future.

These area few picture of my Dad and myself beside the Mississippi river in downtown Minneapolis, as well as a pic of the vendor stands at the convention.

After the convention, my dad drove home to Waukesha, and I stayed up in Baldwin, WI for my friend Nick's wedding reception. I will post some pics of the wedding, too.