10 February 2010

Updates, Photos, Etc

I finally sucked it up and fixed my desktop computer after suffering almost half a year of screwed up Windows XP (10 minute boot-up time, wouldn't hibernate anymore, random network drop outs, printer only worked half of the time, etc etc).

The results are quite impressive: Replaced the buzzing stock Intel CPU fan with an unnecessarily monsterous OCZ Vendetta cooler. I got Windows 7 up and running in under a day. Moved over everything important to a new 1 TB hard drive. I now have 3 TB of storage, all of my photos are now managed /w Picasa, and all of my music is (unfortunately) re-imported into iTunes. Most importantly for the first time in almost 3 years all of my data is finally backed up to a secondary hard drive *whew* talk about flirting with disaster!

As a result of the Picasa upgrade, I took down all the pics from the photos section of the website until I can find a better set of newer pics to put up there.